Alpha Instantaneous Water Heaters

This product is a must, especially in the Southern African household. It is relatively new to our markets, but is distributed internationally to most of the continents of the world. It is found in countries like England, Ireland, Malaysia, to name a few.
Instantaneous water heaters provide hot water on demand, making their most outstanding feature the savings they bring you in energy usage and Cost, compared to regular geysers.

Frequently asked Questions concerning the Instant Water Heaters:

1. Does the unit use any electricity when not in use?
Answer: No, it only uses minimal electricity when the tap is opened.

2. Can I control the temperature of the water?
Answer: Yes the unit is fitted with a temperature control system.

3. Can the unit be used with more than one outlet point?
Answer: Yes it can be fitted to 3 outlet points, using one at a time.

4. Can the unit be fitted by any one with a bit of plumbing and electrical knowledge(DIY)?
Answer: Yes. The unit comes with fitting instructions. Its however recommended that an qualified electrician be used. Incorrect electrical connections would forfeit your guarantee.

5. What is the maximum distance from the unit to the tap?
Answer: Wash basins or kitchen sinks should be a maximum of 5 meters and showers 3 meters. Increasing this distance would effect the water temperature.

6. What guarantee do I receive with my unit?
Answer: The water tank around the element has a 10 year guarantee, the element has a 5 five year guarantee and the electronics has a 1 year guarantee.

7. How much can I save?
Answer: A 10 minute shower using a 5kw 150 liter geyser costs approximately R2.80: using a 3kw 150 liter geyser cost approximately R2.24. Using a 8kw instant water heater costs approximately R 0.90.
Taking into consideration that many other electrical appliances are used, your saving would average between 40-50% on electricity, since the above figures are only based on your hot water system.

8. How many people can shower in succession before the water is cold?
Answer: This unit does not need to store hot water for use. When the tap is opened it instantly heats water, while flowing over the internal element. As long as the water flows you'll have hot water.

9. How affordable are the Instant Water Heaters?
Answer: These devices are fairly inexpensive, but extremely robust and comes with a five year manufactures warranty. The saving on electricity cost far outweighs the small investment required for these units.

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