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Currently we currently only sell the Alpha Instant Water Heater System

Instantaneous Water Heaters

Low cost water Geyser

Save up to 30%-40% Electricity monthly.
We have found the Alpha Range of Instant Water Heaters to be one of the world’s leading electric devices that could replace our standard geysers.

Instantaineous Water Heater

Instantaineous Water Heaters

This product is a must, especially in the Southern African household. It is relatively new to our markets, but is distributed internationally to most of the continents of the world. It is found in countries like England, Ireland and Malaysia, to name a few.
Instantaneous water heaters provide hot water on demand, making their most outstanding feature the savings they bring you in energy usage and Cost, compared to regular geysers.

Innovative features include:

  • Safety
  • Built in ELCB
  • Line Fault Indicator
  • Splash Proof Casing - IP25 Standard
  • Flow Switch
  • Electronic Temperature Contro
  • Anti-Leak Tank

Please see all Specifications and FAQs.

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